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The Board of Directors comprises directors with extensive experience and varied financial, management and entrepreneurial skills as this facilitates understanding of the micro and macro economy in which the Company and the Group operate, and also of the several industries into which the Company and Group are diversifying.

Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara is a prominent entrepreneur serving on the Boards of many corporates and conglomerates in the region. He initially ventured into the arena of financial services with a strategic investment in Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC and was appointed to its Board in 2002. Today, he is the Deputy Chairman of LOLC and the Executive Deputy Chairman of LOLC Finance PLC (previously known as Lanka ORIX Finance Company PLC), holding directorships in many of its subsidiaries and associate companies.

Backed by over a decade of professional experience in the industry, Mr. Nanayakkara holds the role of Chairman of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s leading financial service providers for over 27 years, as well as LOLC Life Assurance Limited. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Seylan Bank PLC, a premier commercial bank in the country. His vision to cater to the entire value chain of the finance sector manifested in the development of Microfinance, Islamic Finance, Factoring through LOLC Factors, LOLC Life & General Insurance Companies and Stock Broking through LOLC Securities Ltd.

Leveraging LOLC Group’s expertise in the SME sector, the expansion into the Micro sector was spearheaded by Mr. Nanayakkara, who is the Chairman of their Micro Credit Companies: LOLC Micro Credit Ltd, the only private sector microfinance institution in the country with foreign equity, PRASAC, the largest microfinance Company in Cambodia and BRAC Lanka Finance PLC. Mr. Nanayakkara’s interest in microfinance lead to the inauguration of LOLC Myanmar Micro Finance Company Ltd, a green field investment in Myanmar in which he was the founding Chairman, and currently serves as a Director. His proficiency in microfinance in the region is further demonstrated by his involvement at strategic level in LOLC Cambodia Ltd (Previously known as Thaneakea Phum Ltd); the 5th largest microfinance company in Cambodia. He was also recently appointed as a Director in LOLC International Private Limited.

Mr. Nanayakkara’s motivation to expand into various growth peripheries is further illustrated through his role as the Executive Chairman of Brown & Company PLC and Browns Investments PLC. Browns Group is a renowned conglomerate with leading market position in trade, leisure, power generation, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer appliances and agriculture equipment. Through strategic investments, he is committed to catalysing development in the growth sectors of the Sri Lankan economy such as construction. Mr Nanayakkara’s involvement in the Boards of AgStar Fertilizers PLC, Associated Battery Manufacturers (Cey) Ltd and Sierra Constructions Ltd. reflects this business philosophy.

Endorsing his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara received the prestigious ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) in 2012. He holds a Diploma in Business Accounting from Australia.

Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe was appointed to the Board in August 2002. She holds an Honours Degree in Economics.

She serves on the Boards of Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC, LOLC Finance PLC, LOLC Micro Credit Ltd, LOLC Life Assurance Ltd, Palm Garden Hotels PLC and Eden Hotel Lanka PLC. She also serves as a Director on the Boards of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, Brown & Company PLC, Browns Investments PLC, Riverina Resorts (Pvt) Ltd, Browns Hydro Power PLC and Browns Capital PLC.

Dr. Harsha Cabral is a President's Counsel and holds a PhD in Corporate Law (University of Canberra) Australia. Dr. Cabral is a Senior Counsel in Corporate Law with 28 years of experience, specialising in Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law, International Trade Law & Commercial Arbitration.

He serves as a Commissioner, Law Commission of Sri Lanka. He is a Member of the Advisory Commission in Company Law, Sri Lanka (key member in drafting the new Companies Act No. 07 of 2007), member of the Ministerial Committee appointed to reform the Law on Commercial Arbitration. He is a Council member of the University of Colombo, member of the Council of Legal Education in Sri Lanka, member of the Academic Board of Studies of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and a member of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

He is currently serving also on the Boards of Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), Richard Pieris & Co. Distributors Ltd., Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, Tokyo Super Cement Co (Private) Ltd., Tokyo Cement Power (Lanka) Ltd, Hayleys PLC. Hambana, Petrochemicals Ltd, LOLC Finance PLC, Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, Tokyo Eastern Cement Company Ltd, Browns Investments PLC, Just in Time Consultancy (Pvt ) Ltd, Imperial Institute of Higher Education (Pvt) Ltd and Alumex PLC. He is the Chairman of Tokyo Cement Group.

Dr Cabral is a lecturer and examiner of the University of Colombo, Council member/faculty member of Institute for the Development of Commercial Law & Practice, and the Vice President of Business Recovery & Insolvency Practitioners Association of Sri Lanka. He is the author of several books on Company Law & Intellectual Property Law